Dani Dani Silverman (Meeni Naqvi) is a recent college graduate in dramatic writing. She arrives in NYC to begin her career and move in with her college boyfriend Dim. Little does she know what dyke drama awaits her...
Dim Dim Gospel (Sergei Burbank) is the head coach of the championship-winning women's chess team at Hudson University. He's a nice straight nerd with a heart of gold and eyes only for his girlfriend Dani... and his neighbors Dot & Dina... and lesbian porn...
Dot Dot Parker (Marga Gomez) is the artistic director of the Womyn's Anarchist Collective Theater (WACT). How can someone be the director of an anarchist ensemble? Dot is such a power dyke of type-A proportions that she can pull it off. She has been with her partner Dina for 7 years.
Dina Dina Cunnard (Jessica Horstman) is a crunchy-granola dyke trying to get pregnant with her partner of 7 years, Dot. She owns the lovely West Village building where she, Dot, Dim & Dani live, and has decorated the roof garden exclusively from the Smith & Hawkes catalog.
Drea Drea McClay (Julie Goldman) is the resident (truly) Butch heartthrob. Her sexual conquests are epic. She is a dog-groomer and owner of The Woof'n'Muff, a salon for dykes and their canine companions.
Dixie Dixie Lipshitz (Victoria Soyer), seen here after a long night out, is a bisexual journalist who's into SM and writes for Fetish Quarterly. No wise-crack is too raunchy for Dixie or her crack.
Daynisha Daynisha Dykman (Rose Sias) is a professional basketball player and team captain of the NY Straphangers. She is not yet out of the closet, but would like to make the leap with a certain cheerleader.
Dex Dex Parker (Geo Wyeth), Dot's younger half-sibling, is a musician, a recovering chain-smoker and transitioning from female to male. Dex charms folks of all genders and persuasions. And that voice!
Daria Daria (Mellyss'ah Mavour) is a beautiful and compelling woman with an unplaceable mysterious foreign accent. She owns the West Village hangout The Drunken Pussycat where everyone gathers to gossip and kvetch. She is always on the prowl for fresh female meat and low-carb biscotti.
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